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The kidnappingEdit

JL first saw hailey in his van, as he was driving away with great might from the middle school play day festivities. He spent the rest of the day staring at her while he played with himself and shoved empty wine bottles up his ass hole and broke them off by slapping his dick on them. He would marry her that spring, and during their honeymoon, he knocked her unconsicious and shoved her body in a duffel bag and went to the bahamas for a luxuious 4 day 5 night honeymoon vacation. She was kept under heavy roofies the entire trip.Edit

The pregnancyEdit

When JL found out hailey was pregnant he immediately stripped down to his flesh flute and continuosly jerked off on to her for 9 months until the babie was born. the Babie was born with two penises and 1 vagina. JL decided that he should chop off one of the penis and hang it ceremoniously from his apartment balcony until the foreskin harvest. They named the son THE JAKE LONG AMERICAN DRAGON, he was graced with having a 17 inch penis, which his mother took advantage of when JL started to suffer from erectile dysfunction and male pattern baldness.

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